Global Hauser Fellow Marlon Weichert to Speak at Brown University on Impacts of Brazil’s National Truth Commission on Human Rights Activism

On Tuesday April 7, the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University will host Global Hauser Fellow, Marlon Weichert, for a discussion of Brazil’s National Truth Commission and its impacts on human rights activism. Weichert, who has almost 20 years of experience as a federal prosecutor in Brazil, is currently at NYU to conduct  More»

Professors Ryan Goodman and Harold Koh Write Amicus Curiae Brief to Supreme Court on Same-Sex Marriage Equality

CHRGJ Faculty Director Professor Ryan Goodman and NYU Distinguished Scholar in Residence Professor Harold Koh presented, with a group of foreign and comparative law experts–Sarah Cleveland, Thomas Buergenthal, Lawrence Helfer, and Sujit Chowdry–an amicus brief to the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage equality. The brief, written in support of the petitioners in Obergefell v. Hodges,  More»

CHRGJ Senior Fellow Pablo de Greiff and Prof. Ryan Goodman Discuss Accountability of US Officials for Torture

Last week, Professor Ryan Goodman and Dr. De Greiff discussed the current state of the transitional justice field, its achievements and challenges.  Professor Goodman, reflecting on the conversation in the Just Security blog, asked De Greiff “about accountability — specifically, holding American officials responsible — in the context of the CIA’s torture and interrogation program.  More»