Non-State Actors and Human Rights

This volume outlines different approaches that may be taken to ensure accountability of non-State actors in the human rights regime. It includes chapters dealing with:

  • The ‘Not-a-Cat’ Syndrome: Can the International Human Rights Regime Accommodate Non-State Actors?, Philip Alston
  • The Changing International Legal Framework for Dealing with Non-State Actors, August Reinisch
  • The Evolving Status of NGOs under International Law: A Threat to the Inter-State System?, Menno T. Kamminga
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Human Rights and the International Monetary Fund, François Gianviti
  • Catching the Conscience of the King: Corporate Players on the International Stage, Celia Wells and Juanita Elias
  • Corporate Responsibility and the International Law of Human Rights: The New Lex Mercatoria, Ralph Steinhardt
  • The Accountability of Multinationals for Human Rights Violations in European Law, Olivier de Schutter
  • Human Rights Responsibilities of Businesses as None-State Actors, David Weissbrodt and Muria Kruge
  • Bibliography, Mary Rumsey

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