National Security, Counter-terrorism, and Human Rights

Professor Jayne Huckerby discusses the gendered consequences of U.S. national security policies at an event in Stockhom, on a panel with Lena Ag, Hans Blix, and Hanaa Edwar.

Over the last decade, the Global Justice Clinic has made a name for itself by providing cutting edge legal analysis exposing human rights abuses premised on national security and counter-terrorism imperatives, including practices such as extraordinary rendition, disappearances, and detainee abuse.

The GJC has closely with human rights organizations, litigators, regional groups, parliamentary bodies, and other actors working to end abuses by the United States and collaborating countries in the “War on Terror”. As that landscape continues to shift and evolve, so do the Clinic’s areas of concern, which have spread to include a monumental project on the gendered impacts of U.S. counter-terrorism objectives and, most recently, groundbreaking work on the impacts of lethal robotics and drones, which has gained worldwide attention.

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