CIA Rendition, Secret Detention, and Torture

GJC Client Mohamed Bashmilah, as pictured in a Salon piece on his case, 2007. (see:

CHRGJ and its Global Justice Clinic are well known for cutting edge legal analysis on the practices of extraordinary rendition, disappearances, and detainee abuse as violations of domestic, regional and international law since the onset of the so-called War on Terror.

The Center and its Global Justice Clinic have worked closely with human rights organizations, litigators, regional groups, parliamentary bodies, and other actors working to end abuses by the United States and collaborating countries, including by exploring avenues for justice for two former black site detainees, including participation in a lawsuit against Jeppesen Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing, for allegedly facilitating and carrying out the illegal transfer of its client Mohamed Bashmilah and by bringing a case before the African Commission for Human and Peoples’ Rights on behalf of its client, Mohammed Al-Asad, who was secretly detained in the country of Djibouti during his illegal odyssey.

The GJC has also been a pioneer in exposing and defining extraordinary rendition (the transfer of individuals to another country where they face a real risk of torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment) as an illegal practice and has played a key role in identifying national security-related “disappeared” persons; addressing the practice as a violation of domestic, regional and international law; and pursuing remedies for persons held in “black sites.”

During the early years of the “War on Terror,”  the GJC also worked with partner organizations Human Rights First and Human Rights Watch to document credible allegations of torture and abuse in U.S. custody in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo, and to track accountability for those abuses. Its work has also demonstrated how other states’ facilitation of extraordinary renditions and disappearances violates international law. To that end, it has actively supported investigations into allegations of torture assistance.


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Announcement: GJC Files Victim Statement Calling on International Criminal Court to Hold Perpetrators of CIA Torture Program Accountable (2018)

Announcement: Regional and Global Perspectives on Impunity for CIA Torture and the Right to Remedies and Reparation (2015)

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Announcement: Global Justice Clinic co-sponsors ‘Regional and Global Perspectives on Impunity for CIA Torture and the Right to Remedies and Reparation’ (2015)

Announcement: NYU Global Justice Clinic Engages the UPR Process to Seek U.S. Commitment to Compensate those Secretly Detained and Tortured by the CIA (2015)

Report: By the Numbers: Findings of the Detainee Abuse and Accountability Project (2006)

Report: Enabling Torture: International Law Applicable to State Participation in the Unlawful Activities of Other States (2006)

Report: Beyond Guantanamo: Transfers to Torture One Year after Rasul v. Bush (2005)

ReportFate and Whereabouts Unknown: Detainees in the ‘War on Terror’ (2005)

Report: Torture by Proxy: International and Domestic Law Applicable to Extraordinary Rendition (2004)


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