Rights at Risk in the Global Economy

Business activity around the world has a profound effect on people’s lives and livelihoods, but international debates about business conduct frequently neglect to fully consider the many ways that businesses can advance or impede the enjoyment of human rights.

The 53-page report, On the Margins of Profit: Rights at Risk in the Global Economy, is the outcome of a project by IHRC and Human Rights Watch (HRW) that helped lay the foundation for a common global approach for protecting human rights in the face of business-related abuses.  IHRC and HRW analyzed and catalogued over 10 years of HRW’s reporting on business-related abuses to illustrate how everyday business decisions have significant implications for the human rights of workers, local communities, suppliers, and consumers.  The report also reveals the obstacles faced by victims of business-related abuses in their efforts to seek justice.