Judgeships in Iran: Step Down, You Are a Woman – A Legal Analysis of Human Rights

By Delaram Farzaneh

June 7, 2017

This book, authored by CHRGJ Scholar in Residence Delaram Farzaneh, is the first comprehensive critique of Iran’s gender-based discrimination against women from the various perspectives of domestic and comparative law, Islamic jurisprudence, and international human rights laws, within a historical context. The rights of women have gone through an undeniable evolution throughout Iran’s long history. Since the beginning of the 20th century alone, Iran has undergone three dramatic changes in the structure of its government, each with a direct and powerful impact on the legal and social status of women.

Dr. Farzaneh relates the historical struggle of Iranian women to acquire the most fundamental legal rights against persistent social taboos and legal hurdles, beginning with ancient times through the Qājār and the Pahlavī Monarchy. She also analyzes the dramatic setbacks to women’s rights after the 1979 Islamic Revolution that resulted in the re-imposition of discrimination against women throughout the entire Iranian legal system, on the ground of their sex.

Finally, Dr. Farzaneh presents a compelling analysis of the ban on women from judgeships in Iran. She argues that this ban is in violation of Iran’s legal obligations under international human rights laws and exemplifies pervasive systematic discrimination against women in Iran, not just in equal participation in decision-making positions, but in all spheres of their lives.

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