Recommendations for United States National Action Plan (NAP) on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 

In October 2010, on the 10th anniversary of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security, Secretary of State Clinton announced that the U.S. government was developing its National Action Plan (NAP) to “accelerate the implementation of Resolution 1325 across our government and with our partners in civil society.” Based on its July 2011 report A Decade Lost: Locating Gender in U.S. Counter-Terrorism, CHRGJ has briefed the key agencies working on the NAP—USAID, Department of State, and Department of Defense—to ensure that the USG develops and implements its NAP in ways that promote rather than undermine gender equality.

In particular, in its Recommendations for United States National Action Plan (NAP) on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, the Center highlights A Decade Lost’s relevant findings and draws on a survey of other governments’ NAPs to make core recommendations to inform the NAP, as well as individual agencies’ implementation plans.