GJC Releases French Version of Report on Risks of Gold Mining in Haiti

Report Launch

As part of an international summit on mining organized by the Kolektif Jistis Min (Mining Justice Collective) in Haiti, the Global Justice Clinic today released a French version of a report it co-authored with the Haiti Justice Initiative at the University of California Hastings College of the Law. The report, entitled Byen Konte, Mal Kalkile? Human Rights and Environmental Risks of Gold Mining in Haiti, warns that gold mining in Haiti poses grave risks to human rights and the environment. The co-authors produced the report to help fill the gap in public information about what gold mining entails, what challenges it poses, and what it may mean for the Haitian communities most at risk as well as for the country as a whole. The report is the product of more than 100 days of interviews and participant observation in more than fifty meetings held in communities affected by mining-related activities in Haiti, as well as intensive documentary research and interviews with representatives of the Haitian government, intergovernmental organizations and mining companies operating in Haiti.

Read the press release in French, English and Kreyol below.

Press Release – English

Press Release – French

Press Release – Kreyol

Read the full report here.

Byen Konte Mal Kalkile – English

Byen Konte Mal Kalkile – French