Scholars at Risk/Vivian G. Prins Fellowships

NYU School of Law offers the option of hosting scholars at risk through its SAR/Vivian G. Prins fellowship. Please note that applications must be submitted by CHRGJ, based on our recommendation/nomination of those applicants it wishes to invite for sponsorship as visiting fellows with the Center.  Additional details available here.

If you are interested in applying please follow the following steps:

1.      Provide your most recent curriculum vitae and two references.

2.      Provide a cover letter describing your background and qualifications for placement as a scholar at risk with the CHRGJ.

3.      Provide a 3-5 page proposal outlining the research project you intend to undertake while at CHRGJ. The statement should explain how the project will add to the body of human rights knowledge and scholarship at the Center; outline your qualifications to complete this research; and describe the methods and timeframe you will use to carry out the project. Please make sure to emphasize any relevance your project may have to the Center’s 2012-14 theme; although the Center welcomes proposals on any human rights-related topic, strong preference will be given to those candidates whose work feeds directly into the theme and related project areas the Center is known for.  Please also highlight any additional resources you are prepared to provide as a Scholar in Residence (e.g. willingness to mentor interns, guest lecture, take part in Center conferences, workshops, and events etc.,)

4.      Send your complete application package electronically to CHRGJ’s Managing Director, Tine Destrooper. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applications that do not follow the guidelines outlined above will not be considered. Please DO NOT contact the Scholars at Risk Program directly with your application, as the program requires an institutional nomination from the Center directly.

About the Scholars at Risk Fellowship:

Fellowships are available to support temporary visits to NYU of up to one year by professors, lecturers, researchers, and other intellectuals who have shown potential as important contributors to their discipline and community, and who suffer intimidation or persecution in their home country or country of current residence.

Fellowships are expected to last for a maximum of one year. Fellows will be appointed through the inviting host center, department, or school. Award amounts will vary based on the fellow’s level and needs, as well as other available support. Total fellowship awards will be in the range of $50,000 – $70,000 per annum (including fringe benefits and any additional host support).

Deadline and application:

Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis until available funds are committed.  The fellowships are provided by the Provost’s Office, thanks to the generous support of the Vivian G. Prins Foundation, to support the work of the Scholars at Risk Network, an international network of higher education institutions working to promote academic freedom and to defend threatened scholars worldwide. Scholars at Risk is headquartered at NYU.