International Law and Human Rights Fellowship

ILHR Fellows at a September 2013 dinner in their honor. Front row, left to right: Michael Lu, Hannah McDermott, Maria José Dobles, Callie Lefevre and Isha Mehmood. Second row, left to right: Rebecca Riddell, Amy Wolfe, Aaron Kates Rose, Malcolm Kim, Matthew Simon, Dennis Ardis, Meghan Ragany, Noah Lawrence, Caitlin Kelly, Diana Kearney, Ian Murray, Bianca Isaias, Tsion Gurmu, and Chad Remus.

ILHR Fellows with 2013 internships at the International Law Commission in Geneva, Switzerland, from left: Valentin Bojilov (LL.M 2013), Michael Lu (Class of 2015), Chad Remus (Class of 2015), Stephen Thompson (Class of 2015), Anton Petrov (LL.M 2013), Ian Murray (Class of 2015), Marzieh Tofighi Darian (LL.M 2013), Aaron Kates Rose (Class of 2015) and Isha Mehmood (Class of 2015).


The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, in cooperation with the Institute for International Law and Justice, administers a fellowship program for selected NYU School of Law students that combines academic and practical experience in international law and human rights. The International Law and Human Rights  Fellowship Program offers the opportunity to complete a specialized training program in international law, undertake a summer internship at an elite institution, and complete a substantial research paper growing out of that work experience. Established in 2002, the Fellowship Program is undertaken with support from the Public Interest Law Center (PILC) among others. A modest stipend is available for students selected for the Fellowship.


Eligibility and Application Process

Eligible applicants for the Fellowship are persons who are at the time of application full-time first-year JD, second-year JD, LLM and JSD students at NYU School of Law, in both New York and Singapore academic programs. The application, interview and selection process is competitive and rigorous and occurs during the Fall Semester. A description of Fellowship Program application requirements and process can be found in the 2013-2014 Fellowship Application.

ILHR Fellow Ishita Dutta (LLM 2012, far right) with Sara Hossain, the Honorary Director (center) and a colleague during Ishita’s 2012 internship at the Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust in Dhaka.


Fellowships generally focus on the areas of human rights, transitional justice and international law and have three main components:
Training Program: During the Spring Semester, ILHR Fellows complete seminars on substantive international law issues that are relevant to their internships. Most students with internship placements at the International Law Commission are required to enroll in a 2-credit course about the ILC in the Spring semester. For a description of the seminars, see Spring 2014 Seminars.

Research Paper: ILHR Fellows undertake a supervised research project on a human rights, transitional justice or international law issue to be agreed upon in advance with academic supervisors at NYU. JD Fellows, other than those with internships at the International Law Commission, may choose to do the paper for course credit.

ILHR Fellow Isaiah Uche Okorie (LLM 2012)with George Bizos, Senior Counsel at the Legal Resources Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa, during Uche’s 2012 internship with LRC’s Constitutional Litigation Unit.

Fieldwork:ILHR Fellows conduct fieldwork through summer internships at placement sites for which

they have applied and been selected, generally for 10 to 12 weeks. The nature of the fieldwork experience varies according to placement site, but may include direct client interaction, legal research, work on domestic campaigns, attending relevant meetings, drafting research or policy papers, and general institutional support as assigned by the host institution.

During the 2012-13 academic year, there were 34 ILHR Fellows, with fieldwork placements at 25 prominent institutions, inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental.

ILHR Fellow Rachael Young (LLM 2012) during her internship with the Office of the Co-Prosecutor at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, summer 2012.

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