Jean-Pictet Competition

The Jean-Pictet Competition is hosted by the International Committee of the Red Cross and is a unique opportunity to gain in-depth and hands-on knowledge of international humanitarian law while at the same time meeting students from around the world.

The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice oversees a selection process for a 3-member NYU Team. All NYU law students are eligible to apply. Applications of interested students are reviewed by law school faculty. To register for the Competition, teams must consist of three students, from the same institution, none of whom has taken part in the Competition before and all of whom should generally be under 30 years old. Requests for exemption of requirements can be made.

Membership on the NYU Team does not guarantee admission to the Competition. NYU Team members are responsible for applying to the Competition, and, if accepted, to apply for funding (potentially available from the Hauser Global Law School Program) and prepare for the Competition.

The next competition will take place from March 24-31, 2018 in Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Jean-Pictet Competition Regulations

Past NYU Teams