Anjali Mehta

Human Rights Scholar (email)

Anjali Mehta is a 1L at NYU School of Law with an interest in pursuing International Human Rights and International Criminal work. A professional dancer, her passion lies in storytelling and truth seeking in the quest for justice. She was introduced to the legal world as an intern at the Ministry of Justice in Chile, where she worked with the Department of Human Rights to codify a legal definition of “torture” while remaining truthful to the stories of survivors of the Pinochet Regime. In 2016, she served as a Fulbright Fellow in Maceio, Brazil, teaching English and dance to students and exploring the use of storytelling as a mechanism for self-healing. While there, she had the opportunity to work with private university CESMAC on their legal research regarding Quilombo communities and their right to land. In 2017, she worked with Americans for Immigrant Justice and their Detention and Asylum team, working to use the justice system in order to protect the most vulnerable asylum seekers here in the United States. She has continued working in the Immigration field as a legal team member of the International Refugee Assistance Project, in which she is in the process of helping a client successfully navigate the resettlement process in the United States. She is also exploring the intersection between storytelling, truth seeking, and justice in the International Criminal Law world as a member of the International Criminal Court Moot Court at NYU, and as Human Rights Student Scholar at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice. She will be co-presenting a workshop exploring the use of movement as a tool for self-awareness and emotional healing along with its use in guiding storytelling techniques for practicing and future lawyers at Yale’s Rebellious Lawyering Conference in February 2018.