Ayako Hatano

Human Rights Student Scholar (email)

Ayako Hatano is a LLM student at New York University School of Law as Fulbright scholar and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Tokyo with a research focus in the areas of international human rights law and development. She holds a BA in International Relations, JD and MA in Human Security Studies (Human Rights, Development, and Peacebuilding) at the University of Tokyo. She started her career in a global investment banking company before she working in Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also has professional experience in international organizations including the Hague Conference on Private International Law in the Netherlands, and UNICEF in Sierra Leone focusing on the project on violence against women and children. She also engaged in advocacy for minority women’s rights in a non-profit organization with a focus on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women at the UN in Geneva. Her primary interest is in having marginalized voices heard in the local and global society through effective advocacy connecting grassroots activities and global policy in the international human rights system. She was admitted to the Global Justice Clinic at NYU, where she engaged in human rights advocacy training and practice. She is also a graduate editor of the NYU Journal of International Law and Politics.