Delaram Farzaneh

Scholar in Residence  (email)

Dr. Delaram Farzaneh is currently a Vivian G. Prins Scholar at Risk Fellow at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice. Dr. Farzaneh’s research at NYU examines the Universal Periodic Review mechanism as it relates to women’s rights in Iran.

Dr. Farzaneh holds an S.J.D degree in International Legal Studies and two LL.M degrees, one of them in Comparative Law. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Law in Iran. Her publications include a May 2017 book, Judgeships in Iran: Step Down, You Are a Woman – A Legal Analysis of Human Rights, which argues that the ban on women from holding judgeships in Iran is in violation of Iran’s legal obligations under international human rights law and exemplifies the pervasive systematic discrimination against women in Iran, not just in equal participation in decision-making positions, but in all spheres of their lives. In 2014, her article “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: A Brief History of Legal Discriminations against Women in Iran, and the Violations of International Human Rights” was published in the peer-reviewed law journal Annual Survey of International and Comparative Law.

Dr. Farzaneh is currently a researcher for the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region of the UN Working Group on the Issue of Discrimination against Women in Law and in Practice (UNWGDAW) established by the Human Rights Council in 2010. As part of her ongoing research, she is working on a study on good practices related to empowering women in the MENA region and eliminating de jure and de facto discrimination against them. Dr. Farzaneh has previous NGO experience working on issues relating to political prisoners, torture, and international human rights treaty obligations.