Shreya Rastogi

Human Rights Student Scholar (email)

Shreya Rastogi is a Human Rights Student Scholar at CHRGJ. She is currently pursuing her LLM at NYU with a focus on criminal justice, constitutional law and human rights. At CHRGJ, she works primarily with Professor Philip Alston and Christiaan van Veen on issues relating to extreme poverty and human rights.

Prior to joining NYU, she was one of the founding members of the Centre on the Death Penalty at National Law University Delhi, where she was involved in representing prisoners sentenced to death in India at appellate levels. Along with her litigation efforts, she was also the Deputy Director of Death Penalty Research Project which was aimed at evaluating the socio-economic background of prisoners sentenced to death and documenting their experience through the criminal justice system. During the Project, Shreya was mainly involved in analyzing the data collected through personal interviews with prisoners and their families and drafting the final report, which was released in May 2016. Shreya holds an integrated degree of Bachelor of Arts and Law from National Law University, Delhi.