Now Available: Video of February 3 Event “Twenty Years of Economic and Social Rights”
February 12, 2013

CESR’s Executive Director Ignacio Saiz offers closing remarks.

On February 3, 2013, the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) and CHRGJ co-sponsored a panel discussion reflecting on the obstacles, challenges, and achievements made in the twenty years since the Vienna Declaration, which aimed to set economic, social and cultural rights on par with civil and political rights. The event also marked the twenty year anniversary of CESR, the only organization in the world established solely for the purpose of promoting and protecting economic, social and cultural rights.

The lively panel discussion featured several notable experts from across the human rights field. For footage of the event in its entirety, please click HERE.

CHRGJ’s Faculty Director Philip Alston welcomes panelists and guests to the event.


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