Smita Narula participates in CUNY Panel on Poverty and Dispossession
March 15, 2013

On March 14, 2013, CHRGJ Faculty Director Smita Narula participated in a panel on Poverty and Dispossession: Land Grabs and the Right to Land and Resources.

Who has a right to the resources of the Global South? As land grabs for agriculture, mining, infrastructure, and urbanization gain attention, the discourse of economic growth, employment generation, and poverty alleviation is often mobilized as justification. Movements for the right to land and resources with pro-poor land reforms are emerging as important responses to this trajectory of dispossession. But the tension between the incremental victories of claims for rights against the state and the requirements for egalitarian transformation is complicated. Join academics and activists as they discuss the politics of land grabs, the right to land and resources, pro-poor land reforms, and the imagination of an egalitarian future.


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