Prof. Satterthwaite’s Global Justice Clinic Travels to Haiti for Gold Mining-Related Investigation
April 15, 2013

From April 14-19, 2013, a team from the Global Justice Clinic will travel to Haiti to investigate human rights issues connected to gold mining in the country. The team, led by Prof. Meg Satterthwaite, includes CHRGJ Executive Director Veerle Opgenhaffen and GJC members Tom Artaki (JD ’14) and Sandra Milena Santa (LLM ’13). They will work closely with NYU alumni Ellie Happel (JD ’11) and members of the Port-au-Prince-based Kolektif Jistis Min an Ayiti (Haiti Mining and Justice Collective). The team will visit communities in northern Haiti where mining companies are conducting exploratory activities, as well as meet with relevant government and corporate stakeholders. While in Haiti, the team will deliver research memos compiled by the GJC team (including Felicity Conrad (JD ’13) and Fahd Reyad (JD ’13) and share information about lessons learned in communities affected by mining in other countries. The team will also deliver research compiled by its collaborating partner, the Clínica de Justicia Global y Derechos Humanos, based at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.


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