Socializing States by Prof. Ryan Goodman and Derek Jinks awarded the ASIL Certificate of Merit
February 10, 2014

Professor Ryan Goodman’s latest publication with and University of Texas Professor Derek Jinks, Socializing States: Promoting Human Rights Through International Law, was awarded the American Society of International Law’s (ASIL) Certificate of Merit for Preeminent Contribution to Creative Scholarship. For more information about the award visit ASIL’s website.

Socializing States: Promoting Human Rights Through International Law, written by Goodman and Professor Derek Jinks of the University of Texas School of Law, advocates for increased emphasis on international law’s social influence in the service of improving human rights. The three relevant mechanisms for influencing other states’ behavior, Goodman and Jinks argue, are material inducement; persuasion; and a less commonly cited factor, acculturation. Acculturation, they maintain, employs forces including “mimicry, status maximization, prestige, and identification” that can persuade nations to improve their international law compliance relative to that of their peers.

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