CHRGJ “Uganda and Beyond” Panel featured in World Politics Review
April 14, 2014

Matt Peterson writes about the U.S. foreign policy aspects of CHRGJ’s panel discussion, “Uganda and Beyond: Defending Global LGBT Rights without Undermining Them.” The article, entitled “U.S. Struggles to Build Coherent Response to Ugandan Anti-Gay Law,” was published in World Politics Review:

“A panel discussion on Thursday organized by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at the New York University School of Law discussed options for U.S. policy toward Uganda, after relations were ruffled by a new Ugandan law signed in February that imposes harsh legal penalties, including life sentences, for homosexual acts. As the U.S. moves forward with its promised review of its relationship with Uganda, the question is whether the Obama administration can produce an effective response to the new law or if the U.S. will be boxed into a narrow response that feeds perceptions of American imperialism.”

Read the full article here.

Find out more about the Civil Society Coalition for Human Rights and Constitutional Law (a Ugandan coalition acting in response to the anti-gay law), here.


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