Global Justice Clinic Reports: Mohammed al-Asad v. Djibouti: Seeking Justice for a Victim of Extraordinary Rendition
May 2, 2014

Mohammed al-Asad’s life as he knew it fell apart in 2003, when he was kidnapped from his family home, secretly detained in a foreign country, and abused for over one year. Mohammed was a victim of the U.S. extraordinary rendition and secret detention program. He was never charged with a terrorism-related crime. Along with myriad others, he has effectively been denied access to U.S. courts, which have repeatedly declined to hear cases of rendition victims, invoking the state secrets doctrine. The Global Justice Clinic and its co-counsel Interights has brought a case before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (“ACmHPR”) on Mr. al-Asad’s behalf. If the ACmHPR finds in favor of Mr. al-Asad, it will finally offer some justice to ordinary people such as Mohammed, whose human rights were grossly violated in the name of national security.

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