Scholar in Residence Dr. Ioana Cismas publishes in Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Contemporary Issues and Challenges
May 15, 2014

CHRGJ Scholar in Residence, Dr. Ioana Cismas, has published a chapter entitled  “Revisiting the Intersection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Civil and Political Rights” in E. Riedel et al, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Contemporary Issues and Challenges (OUP, 2014). The book comes at a time when economic, social, and cultural rights have seen increased attention and aims to clarify and “illuminate the multiple aspects of the law governing ESC rights, by bringing together all the different aspects of ESC rights, re-stating the challenges they face, and assessing the progress that has been made in expanding their adoption.”

The abstract for Dr. Cismas’ chapter states: “Drawing on the concept of intersectionality rooted in gender studies, the chapter examines the various interactions of economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights, on one hand, and civil and political (CP) rights, on the other. It explores instances at the normative-theoretical level, in litigation and monitoring practice, where protection of one ‘category’ of rights is sought by appeal to the other. The chapter traces the advent of the paradigm of the ‘categories/generations of rights’ to the Cold War period and the role of the interdependence principle, arguably an intersectional device, in managing the formal separation of human rights into two distinct Covenants…”

Read Dr. Cismas’ full chapter.

See more information about the book.

This publication coincides with CHRGJ’s 2014-16 Initiative on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which will follow its current Initiative on Human Rights Fact-Finding, Methods, and Evidence.


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