International Organizations Clinic Publishes “Accountability Through Civic Participation in the Post-2015 Development Agenda”
October 22, 2014

The International Organizations Clinic at NYU School of Law has published a report establishing an integrated framework of accountability for the international development agenda after the 2015 Millennium Development Goals target date. The report calls for the post-2015 development agenda to include the following clear political commitment:

In order to guarantee effective and inclusive participation in implementing and monitoring the sustainable development goals, State Parties hereby commit to securing the transparency of all actions and processes, to promoting participation in meaningful deliberations with all affected communities and persons, and to ensuring adequate responsiveness.

Because numerous accountability frameworks currently exist, the authors determined that adding a new accountability system would be burdensome for the states, NGOs, and citizens interacting under the current models. Instead, the report recommends improving and integrating current frameworks. It proposes four overlapping principles—transparency; inclusiveness; deliberation and responsiveness—to guide the integrated framework. Ultimately, the report provides recommendations for the states, the UN system, and civil society groups to strengthen civic participation and engage accountability mechanisms using the four guiding principles.

Download the full report here.





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