Global Justice Clinic Addresses U.S. Accountability for Torture and Discriminatory Police Brutality at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights 


Meg Satterthwaite addressing the IACHR

In September, the Global Justice Clinic (GJC) and the ACLU were granted a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) concerning the “Human rights situation of persons affected by the U.S. Rendition, Detention, and Interrogation Program.” It has co-requested this thematic hearing at the IACHR, which will take place on October 23. The hearing represents an opportunity to pressure the United States to comply with its obligations to effectively investigate, prosecute and punish the human rights violations revealed in the SSCI Report, and, crucially, to provide remedies and reparations to victims and survivors of those violations. UN Special Rapporteurs Pablo de Greiff and Juan Mendez will both testify on this occasion. Read more about the hearing here.


GJC students attending the hearing for which they prepared a written submission together with Meg Satterthwaite and Nikki Reisch

The GJC is also preparing for a second thematic hearing before the IACHR on October 23 concerning “Reports of excessive use of force by the police against African-Americans in the United States.”  In collaboration with the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, the University of St. Louis Law School, and the University of Virginia School of Law International Human Rights Clinic, GJC students are drafting a brief that compares U.S. legal standards and policies on the use of force, non-discrimination, and police training to international human rights obligations.  Find more information about this hearing here.

Read more about the Global Justice Clinic’s work on renditions here.


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