Congratulations to 2016 International Law and Human Rights Fellows
January 26, 2016

CHRGJ is pleased to announce the 2016 International Law and Human Rights Fellows. The ILHR Fellowship is designed to provide NYU law students with the opportunity to gain education in the theory and practice of international and human rights law. The Program is coordinated by CHRGJ with the Institute for International Law and Justice with support from the Public Interest Law Center. The Fellowship includes a 10-12 week internship at an important international organization and a post-internship academic research paper. Fellows are selected after a competitive application and interview process.

The 2016 ILHR Fellows are:

Chelsea Anelli, Class of 2018

Amy Armstrong, LLM Candidate 2016

Maria Bergamasco, LLM Candidate 2016

Anaïs Berland, Class of 2018

Nathan Bishop, Class of 2018

Helen Brown, LLM Candidate 2016

Malsirini de Silva, LLM Candidate 2016

Sebastian Dutz, Class of 2018

Sahiba Gill, Class of 2018

Tess Graham, Class of 2018

Razia Hamid, Class of 2018

Alyssa Isidoridy, Class of 2018

Michele Krech, LLM Candidate 2016

Victor Liu, Class of 2018

Samah Mcgona, Class of 2018

Eugenie Montaigne, Class of 2018

Kali Montecalvo, Class of 2018

Nealofar Panjshiri, Class of 2018

Claire Schupmann, Class of 2018

Varindarjit Singh, LLM Candidate 2016

Lindsey Smith, Class of 2018

Maanya Tandon, LLM Candidate 2016

Valeria Vegh Weis, LLM Candidate 2016

Eleanor Vermunt, LLM Candidate 2016

Tyler Walton, Class of 2018

Whitney White, Class of 2018


Last year’s ILHR Fellows at a September 2015 dinner in their honor: Front row, Asma Peracha, Sarika Arya, Mimi Powell, Amy Dawson, Dan Peck, Amy Tan, Olivia Greene; Back row, Bryan Furst, Patti Shnell, Lucas Hansen, Charles Kopel, Nasser Alreshaid and Peter Speelman


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