Congratulations to Jean Pictet and Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition Teams
February 4, 2016

NYU’s teams have been selected to participate in the Jean-Pictet Competition on International Humanitarian Law and the Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition. The competitions are a week-long training event on IHL, consisting in “taking law out of the books”, by simulations and role plays, allowing the Competition juries to evaluate teams’ theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of IHL. The situations are founded on fictitious but realistic scenarios of armed conflict.

The Clara Barton Competition will be held on March 12-15, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. The NYU Team members are:

Iqra Abedin, LL.M Candidate, 2016
Jennifer Glaudemans, LL.M Candidate, 2016
Eleanor Vermunt, LL.M Candidate, 2016

The Jean-Pictet Competition will be held on March 19 to 26 in Évian-les-Bains, France. NYU Team members are:

Sarika Arya, Class of 2017
Erika Asgeirsson, Class of 2016
Samantha Wynne, LL.M Candidate, 2016


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