UN Poverty Expert to Visit Ghana, Calls for Civil Society Submissions

Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights and Faculty Director and Co-Chair of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, announced that he will be conducting an official country visit to Ghana on April 9-18, 2018 to examine the situation relating to people living in extreme poverty and to assess the impact on the realization of their human rights.

He invites individuals who work on or experience poverty in Ghana, non-governmental organisations, activists, and scholars to provide input for the preparation of his visit.

Submissions should be concise and focused, and may include additional supporting materials. The preferred length is not more than 1500 words.

Submissions can address, but need not be limited to, topics such as:

Send to: 

**Please note that the Special Rapporteur will also receive input via browser-based encrypted email service.  Please contact us via the email above if you wish to further communicate via encrypted email.

Closing date:  28 February 2018

The Special Rapporteur’s visit will lead to a detailed end of mission statement and a formal report to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The end of mission statement comprises approximately 10 pages of preliminary observations. The final report is strictly limited to 10,700 words. While it is difficult to do justice in such a short report to all of the complex and important issues that inevitably arise, the broader processes involved in the visit can be used in advocacy efforts to draw attention to particular issues.

The Special Rapporteur greatly appreciates the effort that goes into making contributions and looks forward to reading all submissions.

The Special Rapporteur is an independent expert appointed by the UN Human Rights Council. Professor Philip Alston is the current Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. He will report on his visit to the Human Rights Council in June 2019. UN independent experts visit countries around the world to report on human rights issues related to their mandates. In recent years, the Special Rapporteur has undertaken country visits to Chile, Romania, Mauritania, China, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. Further information on the Extreme Poverty mandate can be found at:

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