On World Water Day, Global Justice Clinic Joins Haitian Mining-Affected Communities in Defense of the Right to Water

On World Water Day, the Global Justice Clinic announces a baseline study on the right to water in the North of Haiti. The study is undertaken in communities that lie within a gold mining permit near Cap-Haïtien and is generating data about the residents’ enjoyment of the right to water. The Global Justice Clinic is collaborating with the Kolektif Jistis Min and scientists from Penn State University to assess the status of groundwater, patterns of water use, and to conduct laboratory tests to show the quality of water communities consume.

It is well known that mining, particularly mining for gold, silver, and other metals, not only uses significant amounts of water, but contaminates water as well. Too often, however, communities suffer the effects of industrial accidents and natural disasters, and find that they cannot prove that mining is to blame since they do not have data concerning pre-mining conditions in their communities. The study, which will conclude in the fall, will provide community members with the data they need to promote and defend their right to water.

Read the press release in English or in Kreyol.


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