GJC Issue Statement Resisting Barrick Gold’s Expansion in Dominican Republic
On May 4, 2021 the Global Justice Clinic sent an open letter to Barrick Gold and the government of the Dominican Republic, in solidarity with the communities in Monte Plata that are resisting Barrick’s planned expansion in the country. The letter, which is co-signed by 87 civil society organizations from over 20 countries, raises concerns about the environmental and human rights impacts of the expansion. These concerns are even more acute in the context of the ongoing global climate emergency and the Dominican Republic’s climate vulnerability, serious and credible allegations of water contamination and displacement in other Barrick Gold operations, and the opaque nature of the expansion process. In light of the concerns set out and the significant community opposition to the expansion plans, the letter urges the Dominican Republic and Barrick Gold to reconsider the expansion.

Read the full statement in English.
Read the full statement in Spanish.


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