Apr 8 - 9, 2019
4/8/2019 9:00pm - 6:00pm, 4/9/2019 9:00am - 5:30pm    |    22 Washington Square North, New York, NY 10012

The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice and Institute for International Law and Justice‘s 16th annual In Emerging Scholarship Conference provides an opportunity for current NYU School of Law JD, LLM, and JSD students to present papers and to foster discussion and debate on a broad set of international law and human rights issues. The purpose of the conference is to encourage the development of scholarship by giving students an opportunity to present papers and works-in-progress in a constructive and collaborative environment.

Selected students will briefly present their papers or works-in-progress at the conference and will receive comments from an interdisciplinary group of faculty members and leading practitioners. In addition, one student will be awarded the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice’s Emerging Scholar Essay Prize for the best paper on human rights.

Monday, April 8, 2019     Selected Issues in International Human Rights Law

9:15–9:30 AM     WELCOME

9:30–10:45 AM     PANEL I     Strategic Litigation to Remedy Human Rights Violations

Rosa Polaschek: “Adapting Tort Law to Protect Against Breaches of Human Rights: Bringing Together Business and Rights”

Commentators: Benjamin Hoffman (Columbia Law School), Nikki Reisch (NYU School of Law)

Carla Miranda: “Zero Tolerance for Inhuman Migration Policies: Remedies for the Illegal Separation of Migrant Families Seeking Asylum in the United States”

Commentators: Iman Saad (Seton Hall Law School), Jeremy McLean (Justice in Motion)

10:45–11:00 AM     COFFEE BREAK

11:00 AM–12:15 PM     PANEL II     Transitional Justice: Gender in Conflict, Reparation, and Peacebuilding

Sarah Murphy: “Reparations for Violations of Reproductive Rights: A Conceptual Re-Evaluation”

Commentators: Lisa Davis (CUNY Law School), Sibley Hawkins (International Center for Transitional Justice)

Rachel Riegelhaupt: “Sustainable Solutions: Women’s Involvement in Peace- Building”

Commentators: Anne Marie Goetz (NYU School of Professional Studies), Jakana Thomas (Michigan State University, Dept of Political Science)

12:15–2:00 PM     LUNCH BREAK

2:00–3:15 PM     PANEL III     Transitional Justice: International Criminal Law, Reparation of War Crimes, and Victims’ Rights

Anika Ades, “Remorse, Rehabilitation, and Release: A Case Study of Early Release Procedures at the Ad Hoc Tribunals”

Commentators: Mary Beloff (University of Buenos Aires), Niki Siampakou (NYU School of Law)

Taro Tanaka: “The Comfort Women and Transitional Justice”

Commentators: Danica Damplo (Universal Rights Group), Kelsey Haskins (NYU School of Law)

3:15–3:30 PM     COFFEE BREAK

3:30–4:45 PM     PANEL IV     Strategic Litigation as Rights Protection: Cases from Canada and India

S. Priya Morley: “The Many Lives of a ‘Win’: Canada (Attorney General) v. Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence Society”

Commentators: Margaret Satterthwaite (NYU School of Law), Terry Skolnik (University of Toronto)

Deirdre Dlugoleski: “The Future of India’s Forest Rights Act: Environmental Protection, Identity Politics, and the Role of the Supreme Court”

Commentators: Komala Ramachandra (Human Rights Watch), Sam Szoke-Burke (Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment),

5:30–7:30 PM     RECEPTION     All conference participants and guests are welcome.

TUESDAY, APRIL 9         Selected Issues in International Law

10:30 AM    Sarah Coco: “Can California Join the Paris Agreement?”

Commentators: J. Benton Heath (NYU School of Law), Bryce Rudyk (NYU School of Law)

11:00 AM    Isabelle Glimcher: “Arbitration of Human and Labor Rights: The Bangladesh Experience”

Commentators: Robert Howse (NYU School of Law), Mona Pinchis-Paulsen (NYU School of Law)

11:30 AM    Robert Barton: “Private International Law and the ‘Contract for the Web’”

Commentators: Linda Silberman (NYU School of Law), Mark Verstraete (NYU School of Law)

12:00 PM    Tatiana August-Schmidt: “Modern Dam Governance: (Hydro)Power Dynamics and Social-Environmental Impact Assessments in the Mekong River Basin”

Commentators: Gina Choi (NYU School of Law), Madison Condon (NYU School of Law)

12:30 PM    Erica Ma: “Autonomous Weapon Systems under International Law”

Commentators: Bonnie Docherty (Harvard Law School), Marcela Prieto Rudolphy (NYU School of Law)

1:30–3:00 PM BREAK

3:00 PM    Alissa Clarke: “The Blockchain Solution to Ethical Supply Chains: Promises, Pitfalls, and the Old Problems of New Technology”

Commentators: Marco Dell’Erba (NYU School of Law), Thomas Streinz (NYU School of Law),

3:30 PM    Nathaniel Eisen: “Do Trees Have Politics? An Infrastructural Account of REDD+”

Commentators: Kevin Davis (NYU School of Law), Nahuel Maisley (University of Buenos Aires)

4:00 PM    Alp Ozturk: “Human Germline Editing: An International Regulatory Proposal of

Agency Network”

Commentator: Angelina Fisher (NYU School of Law), Michele Krech (NYU School of Law)

4:30 PM    Jackson Gandour: “Toward a General Theory of International Law and Marxism”

Commentators: Karin Loevy (NYU School of Law), Liam Murphy (NYU School of Law)

This event is open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.



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