This event is invitation only.


Introductory remarks (11:00am-11:30am)

Sally Merry (NYU) and Koen De Feyter (UAntwerp)


Panel 1 (11:30am-1:15pm)

Internal migration and education in China: unraveling the path to human rights claims

 – Ellen Desmet, Ghent University and Antwerp University

Human rights, capacity, and right-to-health advocacy in China

– Meg Davis, NYU & Charmain Mohamed

Multiple ‘Localizations’?The importance of socio-natural and collective rights in Latin America

Johannes Waldmueller, University of Geneva

Discussant: Sally Merry


Lunch break

Lunch talk by Tyler Giannini (Harvard University)


Panel 2 (2:15pm-4:00pm)

Right to water and Sanitation for Urban Poor in the slums of Delhi

– Maheshwar Singh, National Law University Delhi

Land Insecurity, right to water and sanitation of Urban Poor in Delhi

– Noemi Desguin, Antwerp University

Responsive planning in development interventions: Consulting rights-holders in Kongo Central

– Tine Destrooper, NYU

Discussant Tyler Giannini (TBC)


Coffee break


Panel 3 (4:15pm-5:45pm)

Upstreaming or Streamlining? Translating Social Movement Agendas into Legal Claims in Nepal and the Dominican Republic

Samuel Martínez, University of Connecticut

Framing food sovereignty: translation and localization in an age of governance

Matthew Canfield, NYU

New visibilities: challenging torture and impunity in Vietnam

– Ken Maclean, Clark University

Legalism from Below and Translocal Solidarities in Human Rights Struggles in the U.S.: A Concept Note

– Manisha Desai, University of Connecticut

Discussant: Koen De Feyter



Day 2


Panel 4 (9:00am-10:45am)

The economic roots of conflict and the role of stakeholder dialogue: Consultations in the business and human rights arena

– Shareen Hertel, University of Connecticut

Dialogue and performancein human rights practice

– Lucie White, Harvard University

Human rights cities: Challenges and possibilities

– Cynthia Soohoo, City University New York

Discussant: Dominique Kiekens


Coffee break


Panel 5 (11:00am-12:45pm)

Human rights-based approaches to development: the local and theories of change and power? 

– Wouter Vandenhole, Antwerp University

Strengthening Authentic Voice: The role of development partners in promoting human rights

 – Koen De Feyter, Antwerp University

Local Ownership of Global Governance

– Vasuki Nesiah, NYU

Discussant: Manisha Desai


Closing remarks (12:45pm-1:15pm)

Koen De Feyter (UA) and Sally Merry (NYU)


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