Join CHRGJ and Wolfgang Kaleck for a discussion of Kaleck’s book, Law Versus Power: Our Global Fight for Human Rights (OR Books, 2018).

Wolfgang Kaleck, best known as Edward Snowden’s lawyer, is a prominent human rights advocate who has fought for decades alongside those experiencing injustice at the hands of the powerful.

Kaleck’s work has taken him to Buenos Aires, to stand with the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, mothers to those disappeared under the Argentinian military dictatorship; to exiled Syrian communities, where he assembled a case against torture mandated by Assad government officials; to Central America, where he collaborated with those pursuing the Guatemalan military for its massacres of indigenous people; to New York, to partner with the Center for Constitutional Rights in taking action against Donald Rumsfeld for green-lighting torture and cruel treatment after 9/11; and to Moscow, where he represents whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

In recounting his involvement in such cases, Kaleck aims to incorporate the voices of those he represents, emphasizing the courage and persistence they bring to the global search for justice.

About the Speakers

Wolfgang Kaleck is the founder and General Secretary of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) in Berlin. Working with partners around the world, ECCHR takes legal proceedings against individuals, corporations, and state actors who have breached laws relating to human rights.

Miriam Eckenfels-Garcia is an international lawyer, former ECCHR consultant, and Assistant Director of the Public Interest Law Center at NYU School of Law.

Deborah Alejandra Popowski is a human rights lawyer, educator, and Executive Director of CHRGJ.


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