Oct 13, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm    |    NYU's La Maison Française, 16 Washington Mews, , New York, NY

In a time of cordoned-off “free speech zones” and after the eviction of Occupy from Zucotti Park, a question arises: What could and should a space for Free Speech and Assembly in New York City look like? To address this question we are bringing together a group of prominent street activists, artists, and architects (and an international human rights lawyer) to have a public brainstorm to discuss the problem and speculate some solutions. No written white papers or preconceived plans, just smart and creative people with an interest in creating spaces for political expression collaboratively creating new possibilities for imagining public space. After an hour of a guided brainstorm, the prompt will be opened up to the audience for public participation.

Read more about this conference here.


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