The Global Justice Clinic (GJC) is hosting an informal, off the record round-table intended to share insights and strategy advice among the GJC, our partner, Mèt Patrice Florvilus, Executive Director of the Haitian human rights organization, Défenseurs des Opprimés (DOP), and experts concerning the human rights impacts of mining. The GJC is working to support its Haitian partners to ensure that communities affected by mining in Haiti can access information and have the opportunity to participate fully in decisions that impact their lives. DOP is one of five members of the “Justice in Mining Collective” based in Port-au-Prince, which works on mining and human rights issues in the country.

There is growing interest among Haitian government officials, international financial institutions and multinational companies to develop the gold mining sector in Haiti. The Haitian human rights community has important concerns about the impact of such mining on society and the environment. The main goal of this discussion is to explore the use of international law, judicial or non-judicial mechanisms, and organizing as a means of empowering communities to address the impacts of mining. The GJC and DOP are interested in learning from the successes and failures of similar efforts in other contexts.


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