This panel discussion will examine the potential of these two landmark cases currently before the Brazilian Supreme Court which will shape the future of climate policy in a critical jurisdiction for climate action. Plaintiffs in the Climate Fund case argue that the Brazilian government’s failure to administer the Climate Fund is unconstitutional and seek a court order requiring the government to administer the Fund and make the Fund’s resources available to address climate change. In the Amazon Fund case, plaintiffs seek to address the government’s failure to administer the Fund and stem the rapid deforestation of the Amazon permitted by the Brazilian government.

These cases have weighty global implications – not only because the outcomes of these cases will shape the survival of the Amazon and the scope of Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions, but also because, if successful, these cases will establish vital precedent for holding governments accountable to their climate mitigation and adaptation obligations.


  • Suely Araújo (Climate Observatory, Brazil)
  • Caio Borges (Institute for Climate & Society, Brazil)
  • Delton Carvalho (Unisinos, Brazil)
  • Ana Carolina Haliuc Bracança (Amazon Task Force, Brazil’s Attorney General’s Office)
  • Marcelo Kokke, (Advocacia-Geral da União)
  • César Rodríguez-Garavito (CLX/CHRGJ, NYU Law)

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