Mar 30, 2016
6:30pm - 8:30pm    |    Furman Hall 328, 245 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012

This session is only open to NYU Law Students. RSVP and identification are required.

RSVP here or email Anam Salem. Refreshments will be provided

About the skills-building series

In recent years, NYU law students focused on public interest law and human rights have expressed a desire for more opportunities to develop practical skills that may improve their chances of obtaining employment in their fields of interest following graduation. In response, the Public Interest Law Center (PILC), the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) and the Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights have decided to jointly organize a series of inter-disciplinary skill-building sessions throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. There will be two interactive evening sessions per semester, beginning in the fall semester. These sessions are targeted at NYU law students interested in pursuing public interest careers and non-traditional lawyering jobs.

About this Session

Students pursuing a career in public interest or human rights are likely to write grant proposals at some stage of their careers, either for individual research projects or within the context of larger programs. Through hands-on, interactive exercises, this workshop will explore strategies for human rights and public interest lawyers to assess funding sources, develop effective grant proposals, and build relationships with grant-makers. The facilitator will discuss a range of questions, including: (1) How do you go about looking for sources of funding and applying for grants, and what are the different kinds of grants available for public interest and human rights work? (2) How do you assess the fit between the work you need resourced and the sources of funding available? (3) How do you write an effective proposal or letter of inquiry? and (4) What are the best strategies for building (or sabotaging!) relationships with funders?

About the Speaker

Andrea LynchAndrea Lynch has nearly 15 years’ experience working in philanthropy and social justice as a staff member and consultant for private and public foundations, non-profit organizations, and international agencies. Since 2012, she has worked as a program officer at the Foundation for a Just Society, a private foundation dedicated to advancing the human rights of marginalized women, girls, and LGBTI people in the US and globally. Previously, Andrea held staff positions at EMpower, International Women’s Health Coalition, and the Nicaraguan feminist NGO Puntos de Encuentro. She has professional experience with grant-making, program development, fundraising, and communications, and is committed supporting intersectional approaches to social justice and human rights that place the leadership and priorities of women, young people, LGBTQ people, and people of color at the center of the change process. Andrea holds a Master of Participation, Power, and Social Change from the Institute of Development Studies in the UK and a BA in English from Yale University.


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