Apr 2, 2015
12:30pm - 2:00pm    |    WILF Hall 5th Floor conference room, 139 MacDougal Street, New York, New York

Valid ID and RSVP required. RSVP here or email Angela.Mew@nyu.edu. Lunch will be provided.

CHRGJ is pleased to welcome Scholar in Residence, Tine Destrooper, to discuss her recent article “The human rights-based approach to development.” Using new empirical material from the Villages et Écoles Assainis (Sanitized Schools and Villages) program, a program promoting the rights to water and sanitation in the Bas-Congo region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Destrooper examines how the human rights-based approach is brought into practice. She finds that there is a wide gap between the conceptualization of the approach at the transnational level and its operationalization on the ground. Key dimensions such as the empowerment of rights-holders to claim their rights or the capacitation of duty-bearers to act in an accountable manner, are notoriously absent, whereas those dimensions which can easily be mainstreamed into other approaches, such as community-participation, are more present.

The article will be distributed in advance to registered attendees.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Tine Destrooper is a Scholar in Residence at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice. Her work involves research on the local relevance of human rights, with a focus on the right to water, as well as the gender dimensions of these issues. She is also currently working on several papers regarding the local relevance of transitional justice processes. Tine Destrooper obtained her Ph.D. in Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence, where she specialized in the relationship between armed conflict, social movements and gender. Before she studied at University College London and the University of Brussels, where she completed a Master in Politics, Security and Integration and a Bachelor in European Politics. She is also the author of several book chapters, articles and book reviews in peer-reviewed journals.

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