Sep 16, 2021
9:00am - 10:00am    |    Virtual Event via Zoom

The legal recognition of rights of nature is becoming a global trend. The legal regimes of many countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, India, and New Zealand, include some type of recognition of the rights of nature. To do so, actors  at the national levels have been using constitutional reforms, strategic litigation, and legislative proposals. This legal transformation puts nature at the forefront and distributes power to communities that have been fighting for its protection. In this webinar, Ramiro Ávila (Justice at the Ecuador Constitutional Court) and Viviana Gonzalez (Researcher at Siembra, Colombia) explore the effects of the recognition of the right to nature, the difficulties in its implementation, and the possible futures for the expansion of this agenda. The event will be moderated by Carlos Andrés Baquero-Díaz of the Climate Litigation Accelerator (CLX) and will include simultaneous EN-SP translation.


  • Ramiro Ávila, Justice at the Ecuador Constitutional Court
  • Viviana Gonzalez, Researcher at Siembra, Colombia

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