Nov 13, 2020
10:00am - 11:00am    |    Virtual Event via Zoom

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Join the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice for a conversation between former CHRGJ Visiting Scholar, Meg Davis, author of The Uncounted: Politics of Data in Global Health and Alex Cobham, Chief Executive of Tax Justice Initiative and author of The Uncounted for a discussion about human rights, inequality, tax justice, and global manufactured scarcity of funding for health.

Alex’s work looks at how gaps in economic and demographic data lead to and reinforce inequalities, and exposes how tax avoidance fuels inequalities. Meg’s work explores how absence of evidence of taboo political issues and populations is used—by governments and health aid agencies—as evidence of their absence when setting priorities within a limited bucket of funds for health.

Together in a conversation moderated by Sukti Dhital, Executive Director of the Robert and Helen Bernstein Institute for Human Rights, Alex and Meg seek to answer the questions: Why it is that we don’t have enough money for health systems? How can data-driven priority-setting reinforce existing systemic discrimination?



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