Climate Litigation Accelerator

The Climate Litigation Accelerator (CLX) is a global collaborative hub for research, advocacy, and strategic litigation on the climate emergency. Working with scholars, activists, and litigants from around the world, CLX initiates and supports efforts that build the speed and scale necessary to spur action on the climate emergency within the limited timeframe left to avoid triggering extreme scenarios of global warming. CLX helps fill gaps in existing practice, connects litigants and experts in different fields (from climate science to strategic communications to ecology to climate economics), and spearheads and supports climate lawsuits and other forms of advocacy.

CLX operates on four fronts:

Legal Actions & Advocacy
Global Community of Practice
In the News
César Rodríguez-Garavito
CHRGJ Chair and Faculty Director
Professor of Clinical Law
Jacqueline Gallant
Litigation Associate
Melina De Bona 
Litigation Associate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Arpitha Kodiveri
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Carlos Andrés Baquero-Díaz
Research Assistant
Délton Winter de Carvalho
Affiliate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Flavio Siqueira
Affiliate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Maïmouna Jallow
Affiliate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Elizabeth Donger
Human Rights Scholar
Sasha Purcell
Human Rights Scholar
Ben Batros
Affiliate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Richard Heede
Affiliate, Climate Litigation Accelerator
Juan Auz
Affiliate, Climate Litigation Accelerator

If you are interested in getting involved, then please contact us.

Blogs and Publications
The Climate Fight Needs Imagination—Using the Tariff Act of 1930 to Fight Climate Change
Enough Symbolism, We Need Real Climate Action: Why We Shouldn’t Let Governments Hide Behind Symbolic Climate Emergency Declarations
The Taint of Slavery in the Brazilian Beef Industry
Fauna, Flora…and Funga: The Case for the Protection of Fungi Under National and International Law
Does Jair Bolsonaro commit crimes against humanity by devastating the Amazon rainforest?
Breaking Through the Climate Gridlock with Citizen Power
News and Announcements
November 5, 2021
Video Available for: Big Coal Feels the Heat: The Sharma Case and the Role of Litigation in Keeping Coal in the Ground
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October 14, 2021
Video Now Available: The Legal Recognition of the Rights of Nature: Perspectives from the Global South
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October 6, 2021
Conflicting Rights and Competing Claims: Biodiversity Litigation in India
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