Biodiversity and Human Rights

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life forms on Earth and their different characteristics and components. It is essential for the long-term sustainability and resilience of ecosystems – and thus for the long-term health of the human societies that depend on them. Yet, biodiversity is being lost at such an exponential rate that experts have identified a sixth great extinction currently underway. The last great extinction occurred millions of years ago when a giant asteroid is believed to have collided with the Earth and killed off most dinosaurs and other complex species.

In recognition of the importance of biodiversity to human societies and life on this planet, CLX is developing a comprehensive database of rights-based biodiversity litigation and will be publishing collaborative research on the matter.

FloraFaunaFunga Initiative

Fungi are essential for complex life on Earth, yet rarely are they the subject of conservation efforts or legal protections. This is a significant oversight, as efforts to combat climate change, biodiversity loss, and other urgent environmental threats will be at best incomplete without considering the fungi that weave ecosystems together. To fix this and ensure that fungi receive equal legal protection under international and national law, CLX launched, along with the Fungi Foundation and other experts, the FloraFaunaFunga initiative.

FloraFaunaFunga Initiative

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