Climate Change, Environmental Threats, and Human Rights

CLX conducts comparative sociolegal research on climate litigation and the human rights implications of environmental threats. In doing so, CLX collaborates with researchers from around the world to distill and disseminate key insights in the climate change and human rights field.

This includes academic publications, investigative reports, practical guides, and blog posts. CLX has also compiled and maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date database available on the climate change and human rights cases that have been filed around the world.

Climate Change and Human Rights Litigation Database

CLX’s Climate Change and Human Rights Litigation Database tracks human rights-climate change (HRCC) cases that have been filed by individuals, communities, NGOs, and government officials around the world. Cases are included in this database if the filings or court rulings associated with the case use rights language or invoke rights treaties, frameworks, or norms of any kind.

The database is available to researchers, practitioners, and all other interested parties for reference.

Biodiversity and Human Rights

Biodiversity loss, like climate change, poses an existential threat to human rights and life on Earth. As a result, CLX is investigating the link between biodiversity and human rights, including through a study of the universe of rights-based biodiversity litigation.

More-Than-Human Rights: Advancing Ecocentric Approaches to Rights

Humans don’t live on Earth in isolation – they are part of a broad, rich, and diverse web of life. The other species that comprise this web of life have interests that are worthy of protection and respect. And, more than that, humans and the other species that constitute this web of life depend on each other: devastating one part of this web – through habitat destruction, the overuse of certain chemicals, the emission of greenhouse gases, and other activities – will ultimately harm other parts of this web of life.

CLX produces research and publications that advance the concept of “more-than-human rights,” which contextualizes human rights within the larger biosphere and examines the legal implications of integrating human rights law and practice with Earth systems.

CLX will also host a conference in 2022 on this topic.

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