Hauser Global Fellows at CHRGJ

CHRGJ will accept up to three fellows per year through NYU’s Hauser Global Law School Program. Fellows interested in applying for this opportunity may refer to the following guidelines, deadlines, and application procedures.

Please note on your application that you are interested in a placement with the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice. A merit-based stipend of up to $30,000 may be provided to those chosen for the fellowship. For information on eligibility for financial support, please see:

Please mail your application materials as specified in the link above to the Hauser Global Law program, copying CHRGJ’s Executive Director, Deborah Popowski, at your earliest convenience to be considered for this program.

Working with the Center’s Theme

Every two years, the CHRGJ adopts a theme which is intended to be the principal focus of its research and scholarship activities. This emphasis is designed to build upon other work being done at NYU and to facilitate a more intensive focus on a specific range of issues by a community of scholars with a common interest in the theme under review. The Center thus seeks to build its activities around this theme.

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year will be considered in light of the Center’s 2017-2019 theme, which will be announced soon. Please subscribe to our e-mail list to receive updates.

2015-2017 Initiative on Inequality, the Global Economy, and Human Rights

In 2015, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice launched an initiative on Inequality, the Global Economy, and Human Rights.  Building upon the Center’s work in 2012-2014 on human rights fact-finding, methods and evidence, this new initiative shifted the focus to economic and social rights (ESR).  The aim of the multiyear program has been to critically examine the role of international human rights law in regulating the global economy and countering its tendency to exacerbate inequalities.  By promoting research and scholarship focused on the intersection of the global economy and human rights, the Center enhances understanding of the structural causes of deepening inequalities, including the role of economic and fiscal policies.  It also strengthens community efforts to document the lived effects of those policies on the enjoyment of economic and social rights and to identify and reinforce channels of accountability for ESR violations.

CHRGJ has developed a range of activities, including, among others: convening interdisciplinary workshopsthat foster dialogue on the inequality dimensions of various contemporary human rights issues; organizing an international conference on taxation and human rights; coordinating the publication of a volume of new scholarship on these issues; and hosting visiting fellows and student scholars-in-residence who conduct research and writing on cutting edge issues in economic and social rights.

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Other Opportunities
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