Christiaan van Veen
Director, Digital Welfare State and Human Rights Project
Wilf Hall Room 417

Christiaan van Veen is the Director of the Digital Welfare State and Human Rights Project at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU School of Law. He also serves as Special Advisor on new technologies and human rights to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. Van Veen’s research currently focuses on the impact of digitalization in welfare states on human rights.

Christiaan has extensive experience in the field of international human rights law. He has undertaken numerous human rights fact-finding missions to countries around the world, including Chile, Romania, Mauritania, China, Saudi Arabia, the United States and the United Kingdom. He has worked on issues ranging from the human rights responsibilities of international organizations like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations to the relationship between austerity, economic inequality and human rights.

Christiaan has been a consultant for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and an NYU International Finance and Development Fellow at the World Bank. Van Veen previously worked as an attorney for a top-tier law firm in the Netherlands, specializing in antitrust law, telecommunications regulation, and media law. He has also worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the European Commission, where he was involved in litigation before the Court of Justice of the European Union. He has an MA in International and European Law from Utrecht University (cum laude) and an MA in International Legal Studies from New York University School of Law.

Recent Work and Publications
December 18, 2019
Why the Digitization of Welfare States is a Pressing Human Rights Issue
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Reports and Briefing Papers
October 16, 2019
UN Special Rapporteur Report on the Digitization of Welfare States
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June 27, 2019
How Britain’s Welfare State Has Been Taken Over by Shadowy Tech Consultants
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