Douglas Mathew Mawadri
Affiliate, Human Rights Resilience Project

Douglas Mathew Mawadri, is a Ugandan lawyer and human rights defender, a founding member, and Director of Associates of Health Rights Limited (AHAR-Uganda)-a not-for-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda. AHAR Uganda advocates for the right to mental health and well-being of human rights defenders and vulnerable persons, provide psycho-social support services, offers legal aid support, and undertakes research on sexual and reproductive health. AHAR Uganda prides on providing alternative approaches to the attainment of Well-being Rights.

Douglas has worked with marginalized communities (LGBTQ+ and Sex workers communities) for over eight years, providing legal and protection assistance. He has provided extensive support on human rights, refugee asylum law, participated regional and international advocacy at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) (SOGIE Cluster), on review of Uganda, and manages several projects on health, security, human rights monitoring, and documentation for strategic advocacy. He has participated in litigation surgeries with ISLA and Trial Watch processes in preparation for strategic litigation and legal advocacy. His recent work focuses on advancing the mental health and wellness of human rights defenders, and digital inclusion in the advancement of human rights.

Douglas’ vision is to advocate and create awareness of mental health among Human Rights Defenders and vulnerable communities who might be exposed to occupational trauma and to offer practical remedies, and resilience practices for well-being. He is passionate about legal practice, research and sharing lived experiences in the journey of activism.


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