Elizabeth Neoman
Human Rights Scholar

Elizabeth Neoman is a J.D. Candidate at NYU, with a focus on surveillance and its connections to incarceration, immigration systems, and national security. As a Human Rights Scholar with the Digital Welfare State and Human Rights Project, she researches digital welfare systems and their impacts on civil, political, social, and economic rights.

At NYU, Elizabeth is involved with EPIC’s Parole Advocacy project. Previously, she attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a B.A. in English and a minor in human rights. There, she wrote and edited for The Daily Californian, and worked on an initiative to increase the recruitment and retention of MENA students. She later interned with the Arab American Institute and ReThink Media, where she wrote and edited op-eds about the Muslim Ban, the incarceration and surveillance of Muslims and Arabs, and voting rights protections. She has also written about digital feminist movements and SVSH laws in Egypt for The New Arab, and has done communications work for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


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