Graeme Young
Scholar in Residence
Wilf Hall 419Q

Graeme Young holds a PhD from the Department of Politics and International Studies at St John’s College at the University of Cambridge. His current work focuses on effects of increasing de-democratization and closing political space on the rights of informal vendors in Kampala, Uganda, and examines how the loss of political rights can precipitate the economic and social marginalization of vulnerable segments of the urban poor. His research interests include the intersection of political, economic and social rights; the constitutional and legislative underpinnings of growing authoritarianism and de-democratization; the institutional roots of extreme poverty; the politics of informal economic activity; and the economic roots of peace and conflict. He has conducted research on post-conflict reconstruction in South Sudan, transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina and local perceptions of international peace operations.

Graeme also holds a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Western Ontario and an MPhil in the same field from the University of St Andrews.



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