Helen Kinsella
Affiliated Scholar

Helen M. Kinsella is associate professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota. She was previously associate professor of Political Science and an affiliate of the Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research and teaching interests include contemporary political theory, feminist theories, international law, especially international humanitarian and human rights, armed conflict, and especially gender and armed conflict.  She is a graduate of University of Minnesota-Minneapolis and prior to her appointment at Wisconsin held pre and post doctoral fellowships at, respectively, Harvard University and Stanford University.

Her book, The Image Before the Weapon: A Critical History of the Distinction Between Combatant and Civilian. Cornell UP, April 2011, won the  2012 Sussex International Theory Prize from The Centre for Advanced International Theory, University of Sussex and was an Honorable Mention for the 2012 Lepgold Book Prize from The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Mortara Center for International Studies, Georgetown University.   Her most recent (2017) publications are Superfluous Injury and Unnecessary Suffering: National Liberation Movements and the Laws of War” in Political Power and Social Theory, (32) 205-231; “Discovering Paradise Islands: The Politics and Pleasures of Feminist Utopias”(with Ramzi Fawaz and Justin Hall) in Feminist Review 116: 1-2 and; “Gender and Human Shielding” American Journal of International Law, AJIL Unbound.


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