Jane Rooney
Global Research Fellow
Wilf Hall Room 518

Dr. Jane M Rooney is a Lecturer in Law at Bristol University. Her research interests lie in the extraterritorial application of human rights, human rights litigation in global governance, critical constitutionalism, and human rights protection in the context of devolution in the UK. She has published in these areas in leading academic publications including the Modern Law Review, Public Law, Max Planck Encyclopaedia of Comparative Constitutional Law, and Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly. She is book review editor of European Human Rights Law Review.

Dr. Rooney facilitates student projects with human rights organizations in the Human Rights Implementation Centre at Bristol Law School and has actively engaged with UK parliamentary committees on issues relating to UK military operations abroad and abortion reform in Northern Ireland.

Her research at NYU develops a new normative frame for the extraterritorial application of human rights. Legitimacy concerns regarding the expansion of extraterritoriality are challenged by acknowledging the significant democratic function of human rights adjudication for extraterritorial applicants. Human rights adjudication enables extraterritorial victims to participate in the law-making process, facilitates potential disempowerment and helps identify political and legal relationships that necessitate processes of good governance. Challenges and limitations arising from the extraterritorial application of human rights are investigated through applying the unique normative frame to three case studies: corporate environmental harm, the Mexico City Policy (the Global Gag Rule) and targeted killing.


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