Jennifer Daphne Lim
Human Rights Scholar

Jennifer Daphne Lim is an LLM candidate at NYU, specializing in International Legal Studies. As a Human Rights Scholar, she works on the Human Rights Resilience Project with Professor Margaret Satterthwaite and Consulting Fellow Ria Singh Sawhney. Her interest in well-being for lawyers led her to co-create the podcast Compos Mentis. Her research interests lie in law and development and human rights and global governance, in particular the regulation of and by international institutions.

Jennifer has significant expertise in government litigation and legal policy, most recently advising on the human rights impacts of legislative reforms including justice, health and environmental issues. She previously practiced as a crown solicitor, acting for the Commonwealth of Australia in administrative and tort law cases. She was also a law clerk to Justice Beach of the Federal Court of Australia and case reporter for the Federal Court Reports. She holds a Bachelor of Arts/Law with Honours from the University of Melbourne and was an Australian representative at the Georgetown Center for Transnational Legal Studies.


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